Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the 'hot' and 'cold' summer

It's summer already..
sometimes it's hot and sometimes it's cold..
life's like that.
we can't expect to be 'hot'/ 'cold' all the time...coz it would be dull.

it's great to know that this summer i have a great companion to get fit..
i know some people talk something behind my back..
i wish that people know that i don't care at all...
as long as my companion didn't say anything strange or weird; there's nothing to worry about.

i couldn't be easy..
although we already do our best to satisfy other people,
there must be a bunch who doesn't like the way we live our life.
so..why do we have to bother about that small group of people?
we should start to see something at their bright side...
coz the bright side will provide us with light
which will guide us to face the challenging world.

sy yg suka mrepek malam2

Monday, June 28, 2010

incik hekzem

They asked me, 'when is your exam?'
and i said on julai 29th..
'oh, the exam must be harder. how many papers?how many days?'they asked again.
and i answered 'one paper for one day within one hour.'
'Wow!that's great!the mat salleh is really understanding.they know malaysian students don't like exam.that's why they make the one-paper-one-day-one-hour exam.''s still an exam..and i'm still feeling nervous!

btw...good luck to all my mates.

penjawab exam,

Saturday, June 26, 2010

when sex can lead to poverty

A lecturer here in Marjon had once expressed his concerned about poverty to one of my seniors.  He said, poverty is one of the problems here in Plymputh/UK (i'm not sure whether he said in the UK or Plymouth). At first, I was shocked; really! Because I thought there's absolutely no poverty here in the European country.  But (for sure) it's not as serious as in India or Indonesia.

Actually, what he wanted to higlight is about women who have children in their very young age which obviously lead to poverty.  How? Because they are still young; they still don't have a better job or even a stable life style.  Most of them have to earn money by themselves as well as raise their babies alone without their husband or boyfriend.  I have seen this a lot in Plymouth.  Just last week, I saw a very beautiful, young woman carrying a cute little child in her trolley; she did some grocery-shopping.  I really thought that the child is her younger sister but when the child called her 'Mummy', I was shocked.  

The lecturer said that they are not getting married early but they 'make love' in their early age (during high school or even during elementary school!).  It's not a shocking-news; really. Even the year 6 (age 10-11) students are taught about how to wear condom in a proper way during sex education (it happens in my senior's school during her school experience).  They do it practically using a penis-like thingy. And what even worst is a year 3 (age 7-8)  student had once asked my senior whether she's ever doing sex.  The student was flabbergasted when my senior said 'No'.  She (the student) said that it's very enjoyable because she had tried once. My senior was like "what???!"

That's what happened in elementary schools.  In the high school...oh I reckon you can imagine what happen there. It happened in my friend's school during school experience (I am very glad that I went to all boys school).  A girl gave a 'massage' to a guy's chest (to be exact: his nipple) in the classroom. They did it while talking innocently with their friends (no feelings I guess).  Then the girl said to the guy, "Now, it's my turn." And the guy did the 'massage'! Haiyo..veryyy daring disgusting right.

At first, it's a culture-shock for me. But as time goes by, I've got use to it because it's like part of their culture. (Correct me if I'm wrong). I still remember the day an old lady called us 'Hi, virgins!' We are really proud of it but some of the 'orang puteh' feel insulted if they are called 'virgin' at the age of 21. Different culture, different interpretation I guess.

the virgin (taley blah! i know i know),

Thursday, June 24, 2010

series of phone calls with HER

first part
mak: pegi kenduri c kasmah td (ank pompuan jiran seblah rumah)..dia kawen.

rama: iya??dgn sapa mak?

mak: dgn lelaki..

rama: haa??...(xkan dia kawen ngn pompuan kan)

second part
mak: buat apa nie?

rama: maen basikal..hihi

mak: ha???jgn maen.nnt jatuh2 lebam2..

rama: suda maen ba nie..pandai suda..

mak: aik..sapa ajr?

rama: kawan2..

mak: iya?? jgn bwk basikal ats jln.

rama: haa???...(jd atas mana?suma tmpt ada jln)

i wrote tis coz i miss her,

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

when the imagination is 'activated' by photos

have you ever felt that your eargerness to get married is soooo high just because you peek at somebody's wedding album????

you see the fantastic wedding gown...
the exclusive hantaran
the mesmerizing pelamin
the flawless face of the bride (perfect make-up!)
the happiness of bride and bridegroom
owh!it looks sooo n sooo wonderful!

then you will ask yourself 'when is my turn?': ooo..loooong way to go..=(
some will say: getting married?? why so early..enjoy first ba!
some will grumble: nobody wants why bother.
some will start counting: get married at the age of 27....means 6 years to go....

so which one is yours?
owh..i'm just waiting for him to take me out from 'cik' to 'puan'...*blush*

p/s: i want tis song during my wedding day: click here if you care to listen..(ohmy!ohmy!sy suda sot!)

getek mode,

Sunday, June 20, 2010

he's tooooo far away.

did you remember the first time you sent me to the kindergarten?
i cried because i wanted mum to sent me instead of u.

did you remember the time you combed my hair everytime i wanna go to school?
i grumbled because u always do the same hair style; nerdy-polite look.

did you remember the things you always bought for me everytime i sulk?
chocs and sweets! i was happy but i hid the feeling coz i wanted more.oh!i was greedy!

did you remember the moments you became the hero everytime i'm being bullied?  
i am proud of you.really!

did you remember you kissed my cheek and forehead before i went to kindergarten?
you got moustache.i said i don't like it.then you would always shave it.

did you remember the very last time you hold me tight when i was crying?
you wipe my tears and said..."don't cry because you are a big girl"...but i ignored. coz i thought it's just a cliche.may be it is.but i realise that it IS NOT when it comes from your mouth. (but still..your big girl here always cry and sulk) 

i know i'm not perfectly perfect
but you love me for who i am

we had 9 wonderful years together and it takes me forever to forget you.
even though you are 'miles' and 'miles' and 'miles' away
i will always pray for you.

and will always love you forever...
coz nobody can replace you.

...happy father's day...

ouchh! i miss you,

Thursday, June 17, 2010

mak saya cakap...

mak sy cakap kalo saket tekak...minum air asam jawa + sedikit garam
mak sy cakap kalo saket nak selsema...minum pure squeezed orange juice or makan buah oren.
mak sy cakap kalo saket gigi...kumur air garam or pegi jumpa dentist.
mak sy cakap kalo saket perut...letak minyak angin atau pegi makan pisang.
mak sy cakap kalo saket otot...urut.
mak sy cakap kalo saket pimples...jgn picit2 nnt luka.
mak sy cakap kalo saket hati...ingat Allah byk2.
mak sy cakap kalo saket otak belajar...stop belajar n pegi besukan..xpun tido ja.
tp kalo saket cinta...mak sy xpernah cakap apa2.sbb sy x berani tanya.

budak kesian,
rama_ana.'s not a slip-up.i know..

I made a mistake and I knew it!

does it mean i don't deserve a second chance?

or may be i don't deserve it.really.

coz i made mistakes..not a mistake.

and somehow i know where i should stand.

but i just want to know it from your mouth...where should i stand?

p/s i dont like the 'plz try later' and 'this is a voicemail box for the no. u have dialled..'

Monday, June 14, 2010


It's nothing to do with treasure hunt..or jungle trekking or whatever
It's something to do with my second trial to go shopping alone in Plymouth city centre.
and the result is: i'm FAILED!

If this is a competition I will be disqualified from the game.Seriously!

Today, I was physically and mentally ready to go shopping...alone...again.

Unlike few days back, I tried to go a bit late..after dhuhr..about 2 pm..

And the result was really2 dissapointing.

shops were going to close before I could grab anything..

and end-up..i bought nothing special.

and also..i was careless..I missed the bus 2 times..

and worst: I day-dreaming in the bus until I missed my destination.

And the driver was tooo kind by sending me back to that place..*Thank you pacik driver!*

and i did some groceries-shopping until 7.30 pm and once again i missed the last bus which is at 7.10 pm (first bus).

and i had to wait for city bus which is at 8.08 pm.

I was lucky coz there's a lady there which could accompany me chatting..

i told her that i have a bad day today..

she asked me why..and i told her everything..(hey..a stranger sometimes can comfort me!)

then after that she also told me about her bad day...

i was like...ya ampun!u really have a baaaaad day!

and she said it will continue tomorrow...(i wonder how come she can be so sure bout it.)

and I'm grateful because my bad day is not that bad compared to her's.

life's like that,

Sunday, June 13, 2010

the beautiful mess

My Tracey's assignment is officially done! yeeehooo!!!
Finally...I can browse through fb, youtube and blogspot without feeling guilty..
(just for a few days b4 starting the Michael's assignment)

And yesterdays my room was a total mess!
I didn't realise it until my friend told me
u don't believe me huh?
let's admire these pictures:

---------three days before due date

-----two days before due date


and i'm ignoring the dustbin until it becomes really2 congested.

 and the drawer open
and the to-do-list-board half hanging on the wall
and the yesterday's mug was still on the table;unwashed.

See!it's a total mess for a lady like u and me.
but it's a beautiful mess
i like it
it shows how much i'm concentrating on doing my assignment (kununlaa).

p/s: I didn't do the mess on purpose.It happened naturally.Duh!do u think i don't have any better things to do to mess my things up.=p

body and soul free....from Tracey's assignment,

Saturday, June 12, 2010


When I said 'I really really wanna know how to ride the bicycle'...

Some ppl don't want to believe
Some ppl ignored
Some ppl laughed
Some ppl being supportive
Some ppl helped
Some ppl just passed me by and said 'good luck babe!'

Whatever that 'some ppl' said...I thanked them for what they said and did.
Coz they really make me believe that I can do it!
and I won't stop until I succesfully ride the bicycle with confidence.yeah!

Yesterday..while I was browsing Facebook I came across this post from a friend:

"Life is like riding a bicycle - in order to keep your
balance, you must keep moving."

I have this habit where I don't simply click the 'like' button on anybody status.
Sometimes it takes me a few minutes to read and reread the post before I announced to the whole world that I like it.Yeah I know..that's a bad habit.But for this status I click the 'like' button without reread it. May be because I've experienced it myself where I always fall down from the bicycle once my feet stop moving. 

And this early as 7 in the morning...I went out to practise cycling.
And I kept mumbling this phrase once I felt like I wanna fall. (sounds nonsense isn't it?but works!)

btw..i've never upload any pictures about this bicycle-thingy right.
Nah! here's the picture(s).

Tgk awan tu..Subhanallah!

Of me and the bicycle


The honourable bicycle =)

My friend's hammock..Did you notice that?

Friday, June 11, 2010

when the life gets tough

If you want to be a fighter
fight like a man
for a man fight with his mind
not with his emotions.

I do want to be a fighter
fight with my own feelings
for feelings can make me weak
where I lost in the pinky dreams
that urge me to ignore my priorities.

Last night I struggled 
struggled sooo hard to prioritise what I need to prioritise
it's so hard until I got misty eyes
and the good news is..I did it!
from one word became one sentence
and from one sentence became one paragraph
and I'm hoping from one paragraph will turn into one complete essay.

Struggle for life,

Thursday, June 10, 2010

when i'm tired

I'm sorry 
but to tell you the truth
i'm not friendly when i'm TIRED.

simply tired,

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

3Bs again:

I can proudly announce that I'm making a progress with my bicycle training/lesson/whatever (ppl plz clap ur hands =) )
I also would like to announce that I'm succesfully got another bruises because of the bicycle thingy.

and oh yeah!
I did change my blog template.
it looks girly right?
for those who allergic with pink...I'm sorry if my blog distracted you a bit (or may be a lot).=p


Sunday, June 6, 2010

ticket= ^_^

Alhamdulillah...i'm very grateful O Allah!

Thank you soo much for those who pray for me..=)
I'm very very very glad..
Now I can concentrate 100% on my assignments..

Thanks a lot to MZ for keep telling me to be patient..i love u! *blushing*
Thanks a lot to my dear yusy (for your comment in fb)...I love uuuuuuuu sooo much sweetie!
Thanks a lot to amir (for the comment in my previous post) are really howt amir!
Thanks a lot to aamy for saying "and never give up" (comment in my previous post as well)..yeah..that's true indeed..coz once you give's hard for you to stand up.. giving speech for grammy awards ja kan.

emm..btw did i say i will concentrate 100% on my assignments??
emmm...actually 70% will do..=p

sy sayang kawan sy,

don't wanna spend summer hols here.

I'm so so freaking nervous.
You know what..
I haven't bought tickets to go back hometown!
I've found the quite cheap tickets actually but there's something wrong with my debit card.
Can you imagine my feelings?
Waiting for this damn-cheap tickets for sooo long
and when I found debit card being rejected????

my dear friends..please please pray for me.I really wanna go back.=,(

si budak kesian,

Saturday, June 5, 2010

feeling blue

let the rain falls 
and be grateful
don't curse
coz sometimes God wants to give the beautiful rainbow after the rain.

let the tears streamed down your face
let it washed away your pain 
and don't be too sad
coz God wants to give you courage after the pain.

coz i need courage,

please jangan nakal???

 "living in england but still listen to aliff's song???hahahaha" 
My sister said.

c rama said: ha?????aliff mana lg nie?

"aliff baa.kak sand stalk your fb d other day.dia ckp ko dgr lagu yg please jgn nakal tu.lagu si aliff.hahaa"

c rama said: ha???lagu apa lagi 2.sembarang jak kamu sana.adakaa tajuk lagu please jgn nakal.mrepek ko nie.slh tgk kak sand tu.

ya ampun.since when lagi aku ada letak tu lagu dlm fb.terus aku pegi cek youtube.naa..terus terjumpa.rupanya nie laa lagu yg ank jiranku slalu nyanyi tue.bikin lucu.baru pulak aku taw click ja yang ini kalo mo dgr tu lagu.

..RICE in the morning..

I ate banana.
I was planning to eat ONLY fruits this morning when suddenly my eyes caught the last-night meal which is o'oh-so-tasty-gila.

This cannot be!
My senior said 'It's normal to eat a lot during winter. Once summer starts, you will automatically stop eating that much.'

She's not lying. I know.I'm absolutely sure she's telling the truth.
But..ya ampun..why laa I can't stop eating and munching like an elephant even summer already started last few weeks.

So..does it mean I'm  not normal?

si suka makan

Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm fasting

Have you ever gone shopping? (oh, silly question.I know..I know.)

Have you ever made a list of what you wanna buy but end up buying lotsa things which are not included in your so-called shopping-list? (brilliant question, aite?)

Have you ever spent hours and hours shopping without realising that your bank account is decreasing rapidly?

Do you wanna know how to prevent those situation from happen? (read till the end if you are interested to know.If not...simply click the red button X above.tenkiu =] )

This is through my own experience this morning.  I was planning to go shopping alone but the planned was not successful.  Which is a good news for my bank account but a bad news for my own satisfaction. Wanna know the story? (continue reading if you eager to know.If not click the red button X above).

Ways of preventing Shopping-like-hell:

1. Make yourself busy while waiting for the bus. 

My situation:
-Planning to take day rider to go to the city centre.
-Called my sister while waiting for bus.
-Still calling when the bus came.  I accidentally said 'Asda return please' instead of 'Day rider please'.

My reaction: Budu! Should take day rider.Why laa asked for asda return. Ah!Let it be.

Bad news: Couldn't go city centre. Have to buy another ticket if I want to.

Good news: The ticket fare is cheap. Preventing me from shopping like hell in the city centre.

2. Go shopping as early as 6/7 in the morning.

My situation:
-FYI, I went out at about 7 a.m. which is quite early for God sake.
-Why so early?Coz I thought I can avoid the hassle outside so I can shopping peacefully.
-Guess what?The shops still closed!
-Asda is the only shop that opened.

My reaction: Gila! Forgot to estimate the time. Went dissapointedly to Asda.

Good news: The money's life is safe.

3. Put a big-fierce-hideous dog beside the ATM machine.

My Situation:
-There's only a few pounds left in my purse. To the ATM machine I should go.
-Suddenly numb. Why? Coz there's a huge-fierce-hideous dog beside the ATM machine.
-Actually I could use debit card instead of cash.But I just don't like using it.

My reaction: Duh! Like I care. Emm..actually I do care. Sia-sia mati kena gigit hanjeng tau.

Good news: The amount of money in the bank account is not changing.

4. Let the shopkeeper quarrels with her/his friend.

 My situation:
-I went into charity shop..searching for books and cute stuff.
-Then I quickly went out.Why?
-Because the shopkeeper was in the middle of a tight quarrel with his friend.
-I was the only one in the shop.So..better get myself out from them.

My reaction: a bit nervous.and dissapointed as well.coz I bought nothing!

Good news: Nothing is something. Something means my money is not decreasing.

I ONLY bought food from Asda:Saving You Money Everyday.

Maka terpaksalaa mmbaca niat: sahaja aku puasa shopping pd hari ini kerana byk halangan.Amin.

si budak kesian

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

from my humble opinion

Islam tidak mengajar kita untuk mendoakan benda-benda keburukan terhadap orang lain.Malah haram hukumnya sekiranya seseorang muslim itu mendoakan keburukan untuk sahabat semuslimnya (betulkan sy sekiranya sy silap).

Namun, dalam hal kekejaman zionis di Palestine ini, adalah wajib untuk kita mendoakan pembalasan azab ke atas kekejaman mereka. Berdoa kepada Allah semoga Dia mengalahkan israel laknatullah ini. Sy tahu mesti ada yg tidak berpuas hati dgn statement ini. Let's make it clear then.

'Israel laknatullah' ini merujuk kepada orang-orang israel yg membunuh manusia tidak berdosa di Palestine tanpa belas kasihan (spt yg berlaku baru-baru ini). Ia bukan merujuk kepada semua orang Israel. Tidak. Tidak sekali-kali menggunakan 'kerana nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga'. Tidak semua yahudi berperangai ala-ala binatang (maafkan kekasaran bahasa sy) seperti rejim zionis di Palestine. 

Dalam hal palestin-israel laknatullah ini, muslim digalakkan untuk membaca doa qunut nazilah. Semoga Allah mengalahkan, menghancur leburkan dan mengacau bilaukan pihak tentera zionis ini (rujuk maksud qunut nazilah). Mesti ada yg tertanya-tanya 'kenapa mendoakan keburukan untuk orang lain?' 

Biar sy memberi analogi:
Sekiranya nyawa anda sangat2 terancam dan tidak ada peluang untuk berkompromi langsung, maka tidak ada cara lain untuk menyelamatkan diri selain membunuh orang yg mengancam nyawa anda itu. Dan apabila orang tanya 'kenapa membunuh?Membunuh tu salah!' Maka anda semestinya menjawab 'sbb dia mengancam nyawaku.'

Begitulah juga untuk perihal doa ini. Nyawa umat Islam sangat2 terancam.Tidak ada peluang langsung untuk berkompromi. Mereka telah melampaui batas. Even non-muslim pun can see how cruel they are. Tidak ada penolong lain selain Allah. Mereka bukan sahaja mengancam malah memandai-mandai mencabut nyawa saudara muslim kita sendiri. Untuk menjawab pertanyaan 'kenapa mendoakan keburukan untuk orang lain?' jawapannya: 'sbb israel laknatullah telah melampaui batas!'  



Safe Gaza! 

This is not only about anti-semitism..this is about HUMANITY

Killing innocents who try to help people who are suffering is NOT HUMANE

Killing children and women is not listed in the ethic of it's NOT HUMANE

Wake up people!!

Pray! Don't curse.

Do you think the zionis will stop killing the innocents in Gaza by cursing??No!

The sharpest weapon that we have now is our PRAYER.