Saturday, May 8, 2010



although i was very busy yesterday, the kahfi recitation was going very well...
Suddenly i realise that there's a lot of things to ponder in our life as Allah's full-time servant. one thing that strike me the most is this saying:
    "If somebody doesn't care about u anymore..u have Allah to turn to.
       But if Allah doesn't care about u whom will u turn to?" is vital to take a real good care of our relationship with Allah.

btw..this is my oh-so-tired schedule for yesterday (i have no idea why i shud post tis in my blog):

5.40 am: wake up..pray..

6 am: accidentally fall asleep..eheh

7 am: doing assignment (ICT)

8 am: breakfast..

9 am: hoovering my room

9.45 am: take a shower

10.30 am: go to tracey's class (xtremely tired but when the guys said; "u look beautiful with tht it new?", my face plastered with a genuine smile...hehe..the tiredness gone!huhu..getek.)

12.15 pm: class finished..i go straight away to the library

12.40 pm: have a simple lunch (grapes)

1.00 pm: drama class.

2 pm: go to ICT room and make a final touch for ACTIVstudio (my assignment)..

3 pm: cook 4 majlis kahfi..

5 pm: have a real lunch + dinner

6 pm: start d kahfi recitation.

8.30 pm: drama practice

10 pm: dance practice

11.30 pm: go back home.

12 pm: call mum.

12.30 pm: call boyfie.

1 am: sleep soundly...

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