Sunday, May 16, 2010

wish to have a fairy tales ending

May be it's nonsense..really!
But the nonsense can also make sense...usually!


I love to live in my own imagination..
Although it takes me nowhere
But at least I feel the satisfaction
And that's why I love to read and watch fairy tales
read bedtime stories..
spend lots of money to Paris Disneyland..
and sacrifice my assignment-time to go there..

Snow White
Sleeping Beauty
The Frog Prince
Little Red Riding Hood
The Princess and the Pea
(only manage to name a few)
owh!I love them all!
and imagining myself as the princess is such a bliss!(owh!it sounds silly..really!)

Fairy tales always end with happy ending
"..and they live happily ever after.."
this is my favourite line..
and I wish to live happily ever after (although it's quite impossible)

I adore the princess
I heart the prince
I loathe the witch
These make the stories soo cliche
But cliche is normal..

(Sleeping Beauty's castle)

i wanna be happy,

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