Wednesday, May 12, 2010


one word: S.L.E.E.P.Y

too many things to do yet too lazy to get things time is limited.ohmy ohmy. but i managed to finish almost everything.

this morning i had class with tracey until 1 pm...(owh sgt boring yaa at first)..
then suddenly she asked 'when will u plan to get married?'
tros everyone segar-bugar ni...psl kawen ja tros smngt.
and she gave us personal advertisement (in britain they use it to search 4 partners) to test our speed in reading
then she asked us 'who wants to marry a guy who doesn't love children?"..actually we have to refer to the personal advertisement.
so i answered 'ME' (what i mean here is the first word of tht particular advertisement as she asked us to give only the first word as an answer).
then everyone laughed..i was blur..
then tracey said 'oh dear..why u don't want to marry a guy who doesn't love children..later i'll ask u personally.haha..'
oh so very funny! kin panas laa jgk..kin malu pun ada jgk..

1.30 pm.
went to Barbican Theatre to perform ngajat tampi and chinese dance in front of old folks under the event of Plymouth Age Concern.
We did it voluntarily.
the neneks and datuks there are so funny and kind. 
i met this nenek who told me that she was a dancer before.
"i love ur's unique.i can dance like you.." she said.
then she stand up with her cane and started dancing.
i watched anxiously.
afraid if she would fall down.
but she didn't. 
i was impressed..
she really happy to meet us..
and i oso met a nenek who always asked 'how are u?'
and mau x mau..i had to answer la jgk..kasian ba.
we went back to marjon at 3.45.

4.30 pm
we had another performance for marjon arts in the uni
everybody loves our kebaya...adede..byk2 bnda itu jgk d sukaknyaa..
the event finished at 5.30 p.m.

went back to my room..
and take a nap...
then finished my homeworks...

and now...i am still sleepy..
thank God
my homeworks done!
so time to sleep..


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