Saturday, May 8, 2010

the rose in a jewellery box.

it's may
and i'm still here
in the uk
counting days for landing my body n soul in msia..

but..i still don't have the tickets
it's expensive
more expensive than prada's handbag
i can't afford it.

mother's day
everyone talks about it
on facebook
phone call
text message.
homesick??not really..
sad?? nay...
lonely?? exactly!

i miss mom everyday..
but i hide it
afraid if i'll cry while talking on the phone..
ego??yes..ego i am..
plus..she doesn't want me to cry
she wants me to grow up
never tell her that i'm homesick
"it's not good for ur health n ur study as well"...she said.

reminiscing a few years back when i gave her a rose during mother's day
she almost cried..
feel touched perhaps..
she hugged me tightly like she never let me go..
i asked 'why?it's just a rose ba mak.not a bouquet'
she just smiled..
i don't understand.

b4 i came to uk
i opened her wardrobe..
searching for things...
and i found that rose
securely kept in her jewellery box.
i smiled.
she really loves that rose.

and now
when i ponder
for about 21 years and 33 days i live in this world,
that's the only thing that i gave her for mother's day..
and she really keeps it well
like how she 'keeps' me well.
and i could see myself as the rose in a jewellery box.

hope i'll be back soon

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