Monday, May 3, 2010

pompuan gila masok ruma.....saya tido nyenyak.

i was really tired last night.
so i decided to sleep. 
it was 9.30 p.m. at tht time.
it's still very early but my mind cannot concentrate anymore.
so i turned off the light and slept soundly..
i have no idea how a psycho lady can intrude our house.
this is the story..frm my housmets (dib and fatin):
a reaaaaal story ok..

it was about 11 pm...
both of them are watching u tube upstairs(dib's room)..
when they suddenly heard someone's calling from downstairs.
they thougth it's al...
but they were really shocked when a middle-aged woman climb the stairs like ju-on..with her messy hair..and smell like alcohol..(she's a bit drunk).
they quickly went inside dib's room and called david and hafiz for help.
they also called al (since al was going out at that time).

david and hafiz came..
that psycho lady was in al's room (since she didn't lock her room)..

david: emm..excuse me.
(she looked at david)
david: where's ur house?why u come here?

psycho: this is my house!this is my room..nigel's room is upstairs.

david: but this is their house (pointing to dib and fatin). look at that pic (pointing to al's pic with her boyfie) that nigel?


david: so..u have to leave this house.coz it's not yours.

psycho: no!this IS my house.nigel is upstairs!

then...john(a guy from porter's lodge) came.

john: u get out from this house.i will call u a cab and u have to leave.

psycho (become more aggresive): no!! i will stab u if u dare to take me out from here!

fatin and dib frightened.
john finally called police.
police came.
they ask everyone in the house to go out..let them deal with the psycho lady alone..
and obviously...i was the only one who's still in the house; sleeping like hell upstairs..even though every1 knocked my door..i didn't wake up..oh my! this is what we call 'TIDO MATI'.

around 1.30 am:
the psycho lady finally arrested..
many people gathered in my house including ppl from student union and the malaysians. still...i didn't wake up.

1.45 am:
i finally woke up..coz i heard garau voice downstairs.
i quickly opened the door.
"knp bising2?knp cam ada sora laki?"
dib and fatin smiled..
"let's talk bout this tomorrow..u go continue ur sleep k."
i was totally blur...
"here..walkie-talkie.push tis button if something happen.we have to go out for a while to settle this matter."dib said..
i was like..why they gave me walkie-talkie n shooed me to go to sleep?
"where are u guys going?"
"manager's house(president of malaysian marjon)."
"haa???"i was freaking blur...
"juz continue ur sleep k..2moro morning...we'll talk bout this."
"ok then."

then..that's it!i continued my sleep until the next morning without realising that my house became the centre of attraction that nite..

moral of the story: jgn laa tido mati ya rama.

si suka tido,

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