Tuesday, May 25, 2010

...no promises...

"Promises are meant to be broken" 
Oh!I am an expert in doing this thing people..
I want to keep my promises but it's just soooo sooo hard..u know what i mean right?

Today I went out with my classmates.
I promised myself that I just wanna eat..buy fruits and biscuits for one week and terus go back.

 But..as I said earlier..'promises are meant to be broken'
I went shopping! Adeh! Bankrupt laa government.
But I couldn't help it.
The dress is just toooo cute to be ignored.
Then I bought puzzles for kids 
Again..it's just toooooo adorable to be ignored..
End up...I bought almost everything which is not in my to-buy-list..

rama..u have to stay in ur room this weekend.
no more shopping-moping.

c pengkasi habes duit,

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