Saturday, May 22, 2010

finally...the end


I just quote these praise from the audiences who came for our Malaysian Festival 2010 last night.
It was a blast! Really!
But behind the success, we face lots and lots of difficulties during the final performance:

-my voice shaky

-my first singing was out of tune a bit..(but I managed to get-on-track after a few seconds.Thank God)

-suddenly the light was not functioning.The props people were in trouble because they couldn't see all the stuffs for acting.Luckily some of us bring their torchlights.

-the multimedia people played the wrong song for the wrong scene.and it was my scene.luckily shidi and I managed to cover it.

- for dancing part: my partner forgot to bring her handkerchief for chinese dance.

Whatever it was...everything was already passed...and everybody satisfied with our acting and dancing and singing...
wow!this thing is finally ended!!no more late-night practice. 

i'm gonna miss the time we spend together in the theatre hall..although many bad things happened..still..i miss the moments..adeh.sedey la plak.=(

morning session..perform ngajat tampi.
not in my full costume coz wanna give surprise 
in our real performance in the evening.

this is umbrella dance.
owh i'm covered by the umbrella.

again..umbrella dance.
i love tis dance..=)


this pic taken after we finished the 
evening/night performance.
that's me with my baju papar.

 3 urang sabah
"THE SOUND OF UNITY"the title of our play.all our hardwork is worth it!
you guys are fantastic!!

Next year will be our turn to do this thingy..
Hopefully MALAYSIAN FESTIVAL 2011 will also boom boom pow! 

si bepuas ati,

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