Monday, May 31, 2010

hOmE aLoNe

I'm alone at home..
all of them enjoying their holiday in Woodlands..
oh..I don't wanna go..
coz I don't want to sacrifice myself playing all the dizzy-roller-coaster thingy..
I had enough of it in Disneyland...(ok sy tipu)

Actually I haven't bought sunblock..
so..not dare to go out under the sun.. sounds bitchy
but u know what..the sunlight here isn't the same like in Msia..
teda awan...the ozone layer is soo thin which can cause skin cancer (am I right ppl?)
so that's why I refused to go..(teknik pembelaan diri)

and I'm spending almost half a day hoovering...
rajin kan me?=)
and now..I'm still thinking what I should do this afternoon.
watching movie?alone??unexciting
assignment-ing?huh!gila rajen.

p/s: btw I've changed my blogspot setting.Now people..u all can drop any comments(like you care to drop ones kan..huhu)



jenJENn said...

huhu.. i've been trying many times to drop you comments here. but it get stucks everytime. last2 malas suda... we'll if this succeed. ;P

jenJENn said...

hahaa.. i bet the first was berjaya dgn lancar without any halangan from those words yang macam bitchy.. huhuhu

ana rama said...

hahaa..u did it jen!congratzz..haha..sukur nak.

kiorsly said...

hehehe.. I also want to drop some comments.. wah, your least, get something and have fun.. getting skin cancer from sunlight? uh, I have heard one but never mind la rama.. enjoy ur life as you still have time..