Thursday, May 27, 2010

football + bicycle

I was playing football with the guys for only 15 minutes
when suddenly I stopped. 


because Leman's (bukan nama sebenar) kick last Sunday still gives a bad impact to my small and gojes (kunun) leg.

What's the last-sunday story?
Like this...
he wanted to kick the ball but he accidentally kicked my leg.
and I spinned three-sixty degree before I fell to the ground.(sandi betol)
just imagine...a tough young man with a hard-branded football shoes kick me?????ohmy!ohmy!

and that's why my desire to play football finally ended there..=( (sedeh kunun)

Oh ya...there's some improvement in my life today..

what is it?

finally I know how to cycle!!!hakhak..

itupun after I scream like puntiank harum sundal in the middle of the field..
(bikin malu org sbh ja)

sy budak baru belaja naek beskal,

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