Friday, May 14, 2010


i'm not an expert in cooking
not everybody knows that
but yesterday...i made ALMOST EVERYBODY knows about it
when the fire alarm ringing like hell.
it annoys me soo soooo very much!
we have two fire alarms in this house..
can u imagine the sound of TWO fire alarms in this SMALL house..???
yeah!it can explode your ears!
it's not that i want to put this house on fire 4 God sake...i was just cooking..COOKING!
and wht makes me double triple annoyed is when I couldn't stop the alarm coz i was soo panic..
i quickly ran out from the house for help..coz i couldn't stand the noise.
zizi suddenly appeared in front of me when i opened the door.thank God!
"do u need help?" he was very2 calm okeh.doesn't he realise that i was soooo sooo panic?
he entered my house and simply pushed the button.
wow!i was really impressed honestly!
just imagine..i had to push it with all my hardwork..but he simply pushed the button????
that's a total magic!
b4 he went out he asked "what are u cooking?"
"owh..chicken..thanks soo much 4 helping."i smiled
chicken????oh no!!!..
and the smile dissapeared when i realised tat i 4got to turn off the gas.
aym goreng msk merah turns into aym HANGUS msk HITAM.
and that's our menu for yesterday.
it was a finger licking meal...
y don't u give it a try peepz?^_^

si xsuka fire-alarm

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