Wednesday, May 5, 2010

...busy again...

some ppl say, it is better to get yourself busy than doing nothing.
somehow...i believe with this saying..
coz when i'm busy...i will be more proactive..
and the most important thing is it will lessen my homesickness.

i will be very very very busy this week until 21st of May..
i'm busy with my malaysian festival thingy...
then we have lots and lots of homework
thinking bout exam..makes me wanna die...
some ppl say.."ouwh..english aite?ouwhh..that's very easy.don't have to study laa.sure score pnya."
do you have any idea wht we are learning here?
do u think we learn about grammar all the time??
pity u!
u know nothing but u easily said that it's easy..
we learn lots and lots of theories from well-known ppl...
we have to argue and discuss about them..
we have to know the right technique of reading..(FYI u don't simply read)
we have to know how to tackle students' behaviour..
we have to analyse (not simply learn) grammar..
and we have to argue about the rules in grammar..

it's already 8 p.m.
i shud get dressed now..
will be practising drama at 8.15...
another tiring evening!huh!!

yg tired..exhausted..penat-ed,

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