Monday, May 31, 2010

3Bs: Bicycle...Bruise....Bidak

Since I was alone at home, I went cycling instead of lazy-ing in front of lappy.
Emm..may be the word cycling isn't accurate..actually I learned to ride the bicycle today..
Fuh! 7 bruises in one day people..habis my leg calar balar.
just imagine how suffered I am right now..
but it's ok...demi pengalaman my coach (my friend actually) said.
but it's very tiring you know..
I fell for every one or two times cycling
and then the bicycle fell over me...
aduhhh!mantap gila sakitnya..

My two coaches (kununlaa) gave me lots and lots of 'theory' on how to cycle like a pro:
* Rama..tgk depan..don't look down.
* Rama..confident!don't afraid to fall down.
* Haiya Rama..push harder laa weh..
* Rama..pedal tu jgn 90 degree sgt..
* Rama..jgn jerit ble tak..
* Rama..left right left right...bukan right memanjang.
* Rama..take a deep breath..tenang ba..
* Rama..try again..don't worry laa if you dkt ja.jln kaki sampai.

very useful kan their advices

I just say 'a-ha' (kunun paham)
I can do almost all the theories quite succesfully (for a beginner) but the 5th theory tu susah sikit mo follow.
Sometimes we need to use our voice to stop the bicycle without pushing the brake (sounds silly..i knoe..i knoe.)

Ba.I wanna sleep d..have to do special treatment for these bruises b4 sleep...

Wish I have sweet dreams,

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