Monday, May 31, 2010

3Bs: Bicycle...Bruise....Bidak

Since I was alone at home, I went cycling instead of lazy-ing in front of lappy.
Emm..may be the word cycling isn't accurate..actually I learned to ride the bicycle today..
Fuh! 7 bruises in one day people..habis my leg calar balar.
just imagine how suffered I am right now..
but it's ok...demi pengalaman my coach (my friend actually) said.
but it's very tiring you know..
I fell for every one or two times cycling
and then the bicycle fell over me...
aduhhh!mantap gila sakitnya..

My two coaches (kununlaa) gave me lots and lots of 'theory' on how to cycle like a pro:
* Rama..tgk depan..don't look down.
* Rama..confident!don't afraid to fall down.
* Haiya Rama..push harder laa weh..
* Rama..pedal tu jgn 90 degree sgt..
* Rama..jgn jerit ble tak..
* Rama..left right left right...bukan right memanjang.
* Rama..take a deep breath..tenang ba..
* Rama..try again..don't worry laa if you dkt ja.jln kaki sampai.

very useful kan their advices

I just say 'a-ha' (kunun paham)
I can do almost all the theories quite succesfully (for a beginner) but the 5th theory tu susah sikit mo follow.
Sometimes we need to use our voice to stop the bicycle without pushing the brake (sounds silly..i knoe..i knoe.)

Ba.I wanna sleep d..have to do special treatment for these bruises b4 sleep...

Wish I have sweet dreams,

hOmE aLoNe

I'm alone at home..
all of them enjoying their holiday in Woodlands..
oh..I don't wanna go..
coz I don't want to sacrifice myself playing all the dizzy-roller-coaster thingy..
I had enough of it in Disneyland...(ok sy tipu)

Actually I haven't bought sunblock..
so..not dare to go out under the sun.. sounds bitchy
but u know what..the sunlight here isn't the same like in Msia..
teda awan...the ozone layer is soo thin which can cause skin cancer (am I right ppl?)
so that's why I refused to go..(teknik pembelaan diri)

and I'm spending almost half a day hoovering...
rajin kan me?=)
and now..I'm still thinking what I should do this afternoon.
watching movie?alone??unexciting
assignment-ing?huh!gila rajen.

p/s: btw I've changed my blogspot setting.Now people..u all can drop any comments(like you care to drop ones kan..huhu)


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Ladies are roses
for roses smell good
but roses have thorns.
enjoy the fragrance 
but get ready with the thorns. 

Women are roses
for they need sunshine
and they need rain
give it more sunshine and it will die
and the same goes to the rain.

Girls are roses
for roses need to be handled with care
don't handle it harshly
you will 'break' it
don't handle it so-so
it will hard to grow
handle it with patience
with balance
and it will bloom gracefully..

when the jiwangness strike,

Thursday, May 27, 2010

football + bicycle

I was playing football with the guys for only 15 minutes
when suddenly I stopped. 


because Leman's (bukan nama sebenar) kick last Sunday still gives a bad impact to my small and gojes (kunun) leg.

What's the last-sunday story?
Like this...
he wanted to kick the ball but he accidentally kicked my leg.
and I spinned three-sixty degree before I fell to the ground.(sandi betol)
just imagine...a tough young man with a hard-branded football shoes kick me?????ohmy!ohmy!

and that's why my desire to play football finally ended there..=( (sedeh kunun)

Oh ya...there's some improvement in my life today..

what is it?

finally I know how to cycle!!!hakhak..

itupun after I scream like puntiank harum sundal in the middle of the field..
(bikin malu org sbh ja)

sy budak baru belaja naek beskal,


I wanna be smart





and nerd but gorgeous. 


(ba.tulun aku kasi amin cepat.)

my post tis time like stupid kan..

when the heart says 'YA AMPUN!'

Terasa ingin menampar laju-laju...'s time to hit the ball this evening people.
Hurm..hopefully.(itupun if the guys allow me to play) maen bola!mo maen!!!!!tensen tahap dewa dewi nie.

words of the day: "sabar itu sedap mcm karipap."

si penyabar (kunun),

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


c rama: fatin aku xmkn taw.don't cook 4 me k..(trep mo diet kunun)
fatin: oo..ok.

few hours later:

my tummy longing for food.

maka cokolat kadberi + biskut dark cokolat + biskut ala2 chipsmore di makan dgn rakusnyaa smpai mo te-berber.


pengunjung setia tuilet,


DAUN (down)


not down-to-earth
not cooling down either
neither walking down nor upside-down

but feeling completely down..
I'm not perfect..
Yes! not perfect I am.

let it be rama.
let it be.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

by the time stomachache strikes me

kesakitan perut yg teramat dahsyat.


coz I ate like a huge..big monster a few hours ago..

semua di dak saket...di tambah pulak ngn cik siti bulan dtg melawat...betambah2 laa saket..



maka kesimpulannya...marilah tido utk masa depan perut yg bahagia..
(even I have tonnes of books to be read for assignment.Oh!wait my dear books..I will read you after I feel tons better.)

si pesakit perut,
rama_ana promises...

"Promises are meant to be broken" 
Oh!I am an expert in doing this thing people..
I want to keep my promises but it's just soooo sooo hard..u know what i mean right?

Today I went out with my classmates.
I promised myself that I just wanna fruits and biscuits for one week and terus go back. I said earlier..'promises are meant to be broken'
I went shopping! Adeh! Bankrupt laa government.
But I couldn't help it.
The dress is just toooo cute to be ignored.
Then I bought puzzles for kids's just toooooo adorable to be ignored..
End up...I bought almost everything which is not in my to-buy-list..

rama..u have to stay in ur room this weekend.
no more shopping-moping.

c pengkasi habes duit,

Monday, May 24, 2010

i'm hot!

It's not good to curse..
Ya ampun...I have to bear in mind thousand times that it's really2 not good to curse.'s utterly hot here in Plymouth..
Phewwh!I'm sweating in the middle of the night! Can you believe that??
This is one of the effects of global warming people.
Oh! I need to buy a fan! Seriously!

si panas,

masalah rumit lagi critical

bedah (bukan nama sebenar):Yeah!dpt enpon baru!

[c bedah mengkasi kuar enpon dr smells good; it smells new; it smells...expensive!jeles..]
c rama (nama sebenar): ko baru beli dr amazon ka?
bedah: ha'ah..cantikkan?hihi.. [oh!enpon itu mmg shantek!]
senyap..tracey punya kelas.boring tahap dewa.c kawan (bukan nama sebenar) duduk seblah kanan sy.mentekan2 i phone lagi dia.d seblah kiri pulak c kawan lg satu memicit2 nokia berprice 270 pound.kalo convert p ringgit malaysia 1350 hengget.kalo convert p kiralah sndiri.
sy buat2 dak konsentret nie stadi.[kununlah].
balek ja klas tros sy p kol my sis.

c rama: buy new enpon.ble ndak?
c kakak: jgn ko ngada2 sna dik..tiket blk msia ko blom beli.pas beli tiket baru beli enpon.
c rama: mana ble mcm 2..enpon nie nazak sda..dak ble lagi meng-kol2 org..

c kakak: jadi pa ko bwat skrg nie..bukan ko meng-kol ka nie?jgn suda mo menipu..tnggu smpai beli tiket.

ba..suda kedapatan menipu..dak bole laa sda memujuk.
alaa...bukan sy mo sgt pun beli enpon nie..itu ari sy p try2 shopping enpon tros pening2 nie mo muntah.kalo shopping baju ndak pulak mcm nie.

so in conclusion, i rather shopping for clothes than ramai betol suda org suru sy termakan pujuk rayu dorang laa nie..[kununlaah]
makanyaa sementara menunggu tiket balek telah mngambil langkah yg bijak iaitu menyerahkan proses mencarikan enpon kepada c fong ngip heng[nama sebenar] yg baek ati.i believe he can do his job successfully. dia akan dan telah pun mnerima ganjaran drpd sy iaitu berupa pujian 'fong handsome,fong gojes, fong kacak'..


waiting for a new enpon,

Saturday, May 22, 2010

finally...the end


I just quote these praise from the audiences who came for our Malaysian Festival 2010 last night.
It was a blast! Really!
But behind the success, we face lots and lots of difficulties during the final performance:

-my voice shaky

-my first singing was out of tune a bit..(but I managed to get-on-track after a few seconds.Thank God)

-suddenly the light was not functioning.The props people were in trouble because they couldn't see all the stuffs for acting.Luckily some of us bring their torchlights.

-the multimedia people played the wrong song for the wrong scene.and it was my scene.luckily shidi and I managed to cover it.

- for dancing part: my partner forgot to bring her handkerchief for chinese dance.

Whatever it was...everything was already passed...and everybody satisfied with our acting and dancing and singing...
wow!this thing is finally ended!!no more late-night practice. 

i'm gonna miss the time we spend together in the theatre hall..although many bad things happened..still..i miss the moments..adeh.sedey la plak.=(

morning session..perform ngajat tampi.
not in my full costume coz wanna give surprise 
in our real performance in the evening.

this is umbrella dance.
owh i'm covered by the umbrella.

again..umbrella dance.
i love tis dance..=)


this pic taken after we finished the 
evening/night performance.
that's me with my baju papar.

 3 urang sabah
"THE SOUND OF UNITY"the title of our play.all our hardwork is worth it!
you guys are fantastic!!

Next year will be our turn to do this thingy..
Hopefully MALAYSIAN FESTIVAL 2011 will also boom boom pow! 

si bepuas ati,

Tuesday, May 18, 2010



Sunday, May 16, 2010

wish to have a fairy tales ending

May be it's nonsense..really!
But the nonsense can also make sense...usually!


I love to live in my own imagination..
Although it takes me nowhere
But at least I feel the satisfaction
And that's why I love to read and watch fairy tales
read bedtime stories..
spend lots of money to Paris Disneyland..
and sacrifice my assignment-time to go there..

Snow White
Sleeping Beauty
The Frog Prince
Little Red Riding Hood
The Princess and the Pea
(only manage to name a few)
owh!I love them all!
and imagining myself as the princess is such a bliss!(owh!it sounds silly..really!)

Fairy tales always end with happy ending
"..and they live happily ever after.."
this is my favourite line..
and I wish to live happily ever after (although it's quite impossible)

I adore the princess
I heart the prince
I loathe the witch
These make the stories soo cliche
But cliche is normal..

(Sleeping Beauty's castle)

i wanna be happy,

Friday, May 14, 2010


i'm not an expert in cooking
not everybody knows that
but yesterday...i made ALMOST EVERYBODY knows about it
when the fire alarm ringing like hell.
it annoys me soo soooo very much!
we have two fire alarms in this house..
can u imagine the sound of TWO fire alarms in this SMALL house..???
yeah!it can explode your ears!
it's not that i want to put this house on fire 4 God sake...i was just cooking..COOKING!
and wht makes me double triple annoyed is when I couldn't stop the alarm coz i was soo panic..
i quickly ran out from the house for help..coz i couldn't stand the noise.
zizi suddenly appeared in front of me when i opened the door.thank God!
"do u need help?" he was very2 calm okeh.doesn't he realise that i was soooo sooo panic?
he entered my house and simply pushed the button.
wow!i was really impressed honestly!
just imagine..i had to push it with all my hardwork..but he simply pushed the button????
that's a total magic!
b4 he went out he asked "what are u cooking?"
"owh..chicken..thanks soo much 4 helping."i smiled
chicken????oh no!!!..
and the smile dissapeared when i realised tat i 4got to turn off the gas.
aym goreng msk merah turns into aym HANGUS msk HITAM.
and that's our menu for yesterday.
it was a finger licking meal...
y don't u give it a try peepz?^_^

si xsuka fire-alarm

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


one word: S.L.E.E.P.Y

too many things to do yet too lazy to get things time is limited.ohmy ohmy. but i managed to finish almost everything.

this morning i had class with tracey until 1 pm...(owh sgt boring yaa at first)..
then suddenly she asked 'when will u plan to get married?'
tros everyone segar-bugar ni...psl kawen ja tros smngt.
and she gave us personal advertisement (in britain they use it to search 4 partners) to test our speed in reading
then she asked us 'who wants to marry a guy who doesn't love children?"..actually we have to refer to the personal advertisement.
so i answered 'ME' (what i mean here is the first word of tht particular advertisement as she asked us to give only the first word as an answer).
then everyone laughed..i was blur..
then tracey said 'oh dear..why u don't want to marry a guy who doesn't love children..later i'll ask u personally.haha..'
oh so very funny! kin panas laa jgk..kin malu pun ada jgk..

1.30 pm.
went to Barbican Theatre to perform ngajat tampi and chinese dance in front of old folks under the event of Plymouth Age Concern.
We did it voluntarily.
the neneks and datuks there are so funny and kind. 
i met this nenek who told me that she was a dancer before.
"i love ur's unique.i can dance like you.." she said.
then she stand up with her cane and started dancing.
i watched anxiously.
afraid if she would fall down.
but she didn't. 
i was impressed..
she really happy to meet us..
and i oso met a nenek who always asked 'how are u?'
and mau x mau..i had to answer la jgk..kasian ba.
we went back to marjon at 3.45.

4.30 pm
we had another performance for marjon arts in the uni
everybody loves our kebaya...adede..byk2 bnda itu jgk d sukaknyaa..
the event finished at 5.30 p.m.

went back to my room..
and take a nap...
then finished my homeworks...

and now...i am still sleepy..
thank God
my homeworks done!
so time to sleep..


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Let's renovate our heart

If you are given a glass of black ink, how can you remove the black ink without having to touch the glass?
Do you want to know how?
Pour as much water as you can until the black ink gradually 'disappear' from the glass...

The same goes to our HEART.
If it is covered with sins and evilness, how can you remove those things?
We cannot touch our heart physically and take it out and wash it like we wash dishes.
What we shall do then?
We have to do lots and lots of GOOD DEEDS until they remove the black dots that covered our heart..

renung2 kan dan slmt beramal =)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

the rose in a jewellery box.

it's may
and i'm still here
in the uk
counting days for landing my body n soul in msia..

but..i still don't have the tickets
it's expensive
more expensive than prada's handbag
i can't afford it.

mother's day
everyone talks about it
on facebook
phone call
text message.
homesick??not really..
sad?? nay...
lonely?? exactly!

i miss mom everyday..
but i hide it
afraid if i'll cry while talking on the phone..
ego??yes..ego i am..
plus..she doesn't want me to cry
she wants me to grow up
never tell her that i'm homesick
"it's not good for ur health n ur study as well"...she said.

reminiscing a few years back when i gave her a rose during mother's day
she almost cried..
feel touched perhaps..
she hugged me tightly like she never let me go..
i asked 'why?it's just a rose ba mak.not a bouquet'
she just smiled..
i don't understand.

b4 i came to uk
i opened her wardrobe..
searching for things...
and i found that rose
securely kept in her jewellery box.
i smiled.
she really loves that rose.

and now
when i ponder
for about 21 years and 33 days i live in this world,
that's the only thing that i gave her for mother's day..
and she really keeps it well
like how she 'keeps' me well.
and i could see myself as the rose in a jewellery box.

hope i'll be back soon



although i was very busy yesterday, the kahfi recitation was going very well...
Suddenly i realise that there's a lot of things to ponder in our life as Allah's full-time servant. one thing that strike me the most is this saying:
    "If somebody doesn't care about u anymore..u have Allah to turn to.
       But if Allah doesn't care about u whom will u turn to?" is vital to take a real good care of our relationship with Allah.

btw..this is my oh-so-tired schedule for yesterday (i have no idea why i shud post tis in my blog):

5.40 am: wake up..pray..

6 am: accidentally fall asleep..eheh

7 am: doing assignment (ICT)

8 am: breakfast..

9 am: hoovering my room

9.45 am: take a shower

10.30 am: go to tracey's class (xtremely tired but when the guys said; "u look beautiful with tht it new?", my face plastered with a genuine smile...hehe..the tiredness gone!huhu..getek.)

12.15 pm: class finished..i go straight away to the library

12.40 pm: have a simple lunch (grapes)

1.00 pm: drama class.

2 pm: go to ICT room and make a final touch for ACTIVstudio (my assignment)..

3 pm: cook 4 majlis kahfi..

5 pm: have a real lunch + dinner

6 pm: start d kahfi recitation.

8.30 pm: drama practice

10 pm: dance practice

11.30 pm: go back home.

12 pm: call mum.

12.30 pm: call boyfie.

1 am: sleep soundly...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

...busy again...

some ppl say, it is better to get yourself busy than doing nothing.
somehow...i believe with this saying..
coz when i'm busy...i will be more proactive..
and the most important thing is it will lessen my homesickness.

i will be very very very busy this week until 21st of May..
i'm busy with my malaysian festival thingy...
then we have lots and lots of homework
thinking bout exam..makes me wanna die...
some ppl say.."ouwh..english aite?ouwhh..that's very easy.don't have to study laa.sure score pnya."
do you have any idea wht we are learning here?
do u think we learn about grammar all the time??
pity u!
u know nothing but u easily said that it's easy..
we learn lots and lots of theories from well-known ppl...
we have to argue and discuss about them..
we have to know the right technique of reading..(FYI u don't simply read)
we have to know how to tackle students' behaviour..
we have to analyse (not simply learn) grammar..
and we have to argue about the rules in grammar..

it's already 8 p.m.
i shud get dressed now..
will be practising drama at 8.15...
another tiring evening!huh!!

yg tired..exhausted..penat-ed,

Monday, May 3, 2010

pompuan gila masok ruma.....saya tido nyenyak.

i was really tired last night.
so i decided to sleep. 
it was 9.30 p.m. at tht time.
it's still very early but my mind cannot concentrate anymore.
so i turned off the light and slept soundly..
i have no idea how a psycho lady can intrude our house.
this is the story..frm my housmets (dib and fatin):
a reaaaaal story ok..

it was about 11 pm...
both of them are watching u tube upstairs(dib's room)..
when they suddenly heard someone's calling from downstairs.
they thougth it's al...
but they were really shocked when a middle-aged woman climb the stairs like ju-on..with her messy hair..and smell like alcohol..(she's a bit drunk).
they quickly went inside dib's room and called david and hafiz for help.
they also called al (since al was going out at that time).

david and hafiz came..
that psycho lady was in al's room (since she didn't lock her room)..

david: emm..excuse me.
(she looked at david)
david: where's ur house?why u come here?

psycho: this is my house!this is my room..nigel's room is upstairs.

david: but this is their house (pointing to dib and fatin). look at that pic (pointing to al's pic with her boyfie) that nigel?


david: so..u have to leave this house.coz it's not yours.

psycho: no!this IS my house.nigel is upstairs!

then...john(a guy from porter's lodge) came.

john: u get out from this house.i will call u a cab and u have to leave.

psycho (become more aggresive): no!! i will stab u if u dare to take me out from here!

fatin and dib frightened.
john finally called police.
police came.
they ask everyone in the house to go out..let them deal with the psycho lady alone..
and obviously...i was the only one who's still in the house; sleeping like hell upstairs..even though every1 knocked my door..i didn't wake up..oh my! this is what we call 'TIDO MATI'.

around 1.30 am:
the psycho lady finally arrested..
many people gathered in my house including ppl from student union and the malaysians. still...i didn't wake up.

1.45 am:
i finally woke up..coz i heard garau voice downstairs.
i quickly opened the door.
"knp bising2?knp cam ada sora laki?"
dib and fatin smiled..
"let's talk bout this tomorrow..u go continue ur sleep k."
i was totally blur...
"here..walkie-talkie.push tis button if something happen.we have to go out for a while to settle this matter."dib said..
i was like..why they gave me walkie-talkie n shooed me to go to sleep?
"where are u guys going?"
"manager's house(president of malaysian marjon)."
"haa???"i was freaking blur...
"juz continue ur sleep k..2moro morning...we'll talk bout this."
"ok then."

then..that's it!i continued my sleep until the next morning without realising that my house became the centre of attraction that nite..

moral of the story: jgn laa tido mati ya rama.

si suka tido,

Saturday, May 1, 2010


will we be talking tomorrow?
will we be laughing tomorrow?
will we be skyping tomorrow?
will u miss me tomorrow?
will i dare to say even a word tomorrow?
will u listen to my misery tomorrow?
what if there's no tomorrow for me?for u?for us?

Just thinkin' about
Clears away the cobwebs,
And the sorrow
'Til there's none! (Annie, Tomorrow


i am sorry..i am not good enough.

crying won't solve everything..
but crying can make me feel better..
that's y i choose crying over punching..

never have i thought
that it's hard to choose boyfriend over bestfriend.
it never happens to me
coz i have an understanding boyfie
and a caring bestie
yet it happens.
u said u r nobody
i was really upset
coz i've never ever ever thought u r nobody
u r really2 somebody..

ur bad bad gurl,