Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"will you marry me?"

some ppl want to get married early
some ppl want to get married later
some ppl don't care about getting married or not
some ppl are still searching 4 their bride
some ppl keep silent coz they never think about marriage

whateva their thoughts are
it's their right to think so
coz everybody has their own opinion about marriage

i wonder...why jealousy hits me everytime i get the news that they want to get married/enggaged soon
it's a good news
i should be happy
emmm...i feel happy indeed
but...sometimes the negative thougths 'kill' me in silent.

i dont have the right to force my boyfie to approach me with a wedding ring
i dont have the strenght to tell my family that i want to get married in this early age
i dont think i want to get married early either
coz wht i think is my future..
he's in msia
n i am the uk..
and we are still students
but who doesnt want to get married?
may b a few though
but most of us want to.

i shouldn't compare my love-life with others
i believe that Allah will guide me in this matter
jodoh tue kan d tgn Allah..
so..why do i have to be worried?

si semangat mo kawen,

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