Saturday, April 24, 2010

your sky is my sky

it has been quite some time the sky's smiling
the sun's appearing
laughter and happiness fill the air
colourful flowers everywhere
the scent is irresistible
everybody's compatible.

today the sky is crying
the sun's hiding
no more happiness
the prince comes to save the princess
hoping to see a smile, not tears
making jokes at his best
keeps on giving advices
but the princess refuses

he's trying to untangle the mess
he's trying to share the perfect sky in his place
he keeps on trying
but the princess says something
which makes the sky in his place crying 

I'm sorry my dear prince
i'm never meant to hurt u ever since
it's not my intention to hurt u..really!
my mistakes are so silly..
n again i'm sorry...

today the sky is not so clear
tomorrow i wont let it sheds a tear
coz i know u are sooo near
we'll bring the sunshine to the ayer.

ur love,

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