Monday, April 12, 2010

..dogaan hidop..

spring has come
and i couldn't and hardly close my eyes at nite
bcoz i still can't adapt myself with this changing whether n time
i can asily yawn at 9 pm 
but i have 2 open my eyes widely 
coz isyak is at 10 something pm..
ya Allah...dogaan btol..
n after pray sometimes i couldn't go to bed 
n i will stay up sometimes until 3 am
n i have to wake up early d next morning coz syuruk is at 6.30 am.
n honestly i olwez miss subuh prayer..ya ampun..
then i have to get used to d sunlite at 8 pm...
n tried my best not to fall asleep b4 maghrib...
seriously tis is very challenging for me.. is 11.38 pm..i should sleep now no matter wht..

yg 'whether' shock,

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