Monday, April 19, 2010

singing????no please!

do you know why i become a teacher?
do u have any idea why i never ever choose to be a singer?
bcoz i don't know how to sing.
u will hardly hear me singing
even in the bathroom
coz i know i dont have the voice.
n tats why i choose drama rather than music.
n do you have any idea why i go to the audition of drama?
coz i tot it's a in drama...not a musical drama.
n after i was chosen to b part of the actress...
i was shocked when they gave me lyrics...not dialogue..
n here i am...practising the song...

it was a terrible+horrible nite for me today..
it's the first practice after 3 weeks holiday...
n i forgot my lyrics...
n they asked me to sing with the music...
n i was...'ya ampun!i cannot do this!'
i almost cried..
he asked me to sing F instead of G.
i was like..okay...what d heck F is...and is G stands for Garau?
owh! i'm such a stupid girl if it comes to music notes...
can u plz just say higher or lower?
u dont have to show-off ur music knowledge by telling me F-G stuff.
n there i was..
standing in the middle of the stage
practising my voice with higher n lower key
n again they asked me to sing from perut...not ank tekak..
gosh! is singing this hard??
no wonder i hate singing...

tomorrow got practice some more..
wish me luck k!

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