Thursday, April 22, 2010

it's a student's life.

walking into the class..
smiling and hello-ing everybody happily as if i just won a jackpot..
settling down in my table.
chit-chatting and hu-ha-ing with david who sat beside me until michael entered the class and started teaching.
i smiled at him n he smiled back
and my good mood continued untill he said 'i want to ask everybody about Piaget's theory.just to make sure that u have done ur homework.'
i was like...Piaget's theory??homework????did we have homework???
n david asked 'u didnt do the reading?'
n without bothering about michael who was talking in front...i forced david to give me all the info about Piaget's theory b4 my turn comes.
n b4 david could 'pour' every info that he has...Michael pointed our group..
i was like...o my o my! i'll death if he knew tat i didnt do his homework.
i was hoping silently that he will not choose me to answer his questions.
but his eyes keep looking at me...n i gave him a very confident smile as if i'm the girl who know-it-all.
and finally he chose aiman...fuh! i was absolutely relief!
naseb baek we just had one hour session with him 2day..
if not..matilaaaa aku..
and for the rest of his class..i dont understand every single info he gave...haha
my eyes were with him but my mind flew to another country..hahaaaaaa...mcm mna laa mo maju kalo cam 2
but i make a promise to myself that i wont do it again..
i mean...hopefully i wont do it again...

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