Thursday, April 29, 2010

.it's boring...don't read it.

woke up in the morning..
and looked at the sky..
'oh!what a lovely whether!'
i was just about to open the window
when suddenly it's raining...
closed the window and switched on the light
coz it's really dark...
sit in front of lappie...
open yahoo mail
browse through fb
and....'Gosh! i haven't read michael's notes..'
so..i read it...
finished reading...
went downstair
knocked housmets' rooms
woke them up for classes
went to the kitchen 
and made breakfast
as usual;bread + cheese and pickles.
after 1 hour..went to the bathroom
and take a simple bath
coz it's freaking cold
went upstairs...dressed up for class
listened to gaga's songs..
volume: high
a very harsh knocked on the door.
wonder who is that person
open the door
and 'wow!'
a guy!
quite gorgeous
i mean real gorgeous!!
'i juz want to switch off the light for a moment coz we have it possible?'
' problem.'
btw..they are(he comes with his friend) the electricians who's been hired by my uni..
owh..juz 4get bout them..coz my class would start in a few minutes.
locked my room...
and went to class..

juz got back from class..
the guys still in my house..
quickly went upstairs and OMG!
my room's opened!
i had locked it but how come err.....
'owh...we just check the wires in ur room...' the guy said
'owh..that shud be fine..'
and went into my room..
and OMG!(again OMG)
they went into my room??
were they really realy going INTO my room??????
my undies are hanging upon the heater!
then my heart says: 'oh..that's normal.
they are uk ppl after all...they used to it..
it's normal'
but my Malaysian mind says:
'OMG!that's really embarassing!'

but who cares btw..
i don't know them
and they don't even bother to know me..
so it doesn't matter baa kan..

it's 1.15 pm.
shud turn off lappie and go to Roisin's class..
have to present about Pavlov's theory...

u managed to read till the end???wow!
u must be bored aite?
thank you for reading btw..
i really feel appreciated..hakhak

till then..

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