Friday, April 30, 2010

he makes my mascara 'melting'


to the kitchen I go..
ears shut with earphones
mp3 is on
volume is high...
humming the tune
coz I'm not dare to sing in front of 'public' (even to my housemets)

Dib comes...
i'm smiling back...
she helps me with the cooking..
she follows my humming by singing..
she's a great singer
i admit that..

Al comes...
looking at me...
so i'm looking at her to..
"he broke his leg."
i was like..."huh???wht are u talking about?"
"ur man.broke his leg while playing footie..u dont know bout this??"
i shut the mp3.
"i dunno.."

quickly finishing my cooking..
ask my housmets to eat first..
go upstairs..
n call him...

they ask me to come down..
we like to eat 2gether btw..
so go downstairs..
i'm smiling
i'm just about to eat
when they look at me curiously..
i was like.."is anything wrong?"
dib said.."oh.nothing...ur mascara is 'melting'"
i said.."really??oh ur sambal is tooo spicy..hehe"(just an excuse)
"oh..ya2.ur sambal is toooooo spicy laa dib.."fatin said.

that's y i don't like to cry when using non-waterproof mascara.
ppl can notice it easily..

btw..i pray for ur health.amin!


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