Saturday, April 17, 2010

ha lam alif lam=halal

don't panic..
doooooon't panic..

tis is the 3rd time i ate non-halal stuff..
it's not tat i want to eat it
i still remember the dos and donts in islam ok..
but i was accidentally...i mean absolutely accidentally eating those things.
before tis..i ACCIDENTALLY ate custard cake with lemak babi inside...
then...i ACCIDENTALLY ate ketchup with liqueur..hampir habes stgh botol baru i realised bout tis thing. and aku kepeningan thp dewa pas 2..
and now..again..i ACCIDENTALLY ate chocolate with amaretto liqueur, raspberry liqueur, and champagne inside. I really..totally..utterly didnt realise this thing until my non-muslim fren (al) ate the choc and said it tastes so good like brandy...n she asked me to read the ingredients and there u go!arak inside..adeh..
there are 16 delicious-micious chocs inside and i already ate 12 chocs!

my frens worries..u didn't know bout it..
yeah! sure! i didn't know bout it.
n those things already live happily ever after in my stomache.

so moral of the story-mory:
check the ingredient first before u open ur mouth and eat!

btw...i never know that choc also has liqueur inside..
oh my!sy sgt kampong rupanyaa..

c pemakan benda halal,

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