Tuesday, April 20, 2010


they all talked about their anniversary
i was like...anniversary???wht for?
owh...btw it's for couple..their so-called first date/first approach or whateva..huhu..i dont really know btw.
n suddenly it strikes me..
yeah..anniversary..ejul n i dont have any anniversary..
we never know when we started tis relationship
and we never know how the relationship started
it just happened
and we dont have any specific date or day or time for it
wht i remember is....we started with aku-kau-friendship
and i dont remember how it could change into ana-ejul-dear-relationship.
adeh..kesian nie..
but it's okay..
sumtimes love just happens without having to say 'bole kita kapel?'
it comes from our heart..
sometimes it happens without we realising it.
and i am proud to say that i don't have the exact time for our anniversary because
we celebrate it everyday..^_^ (waaa..pndai plak aku bejiwang tgh2 mlm nie)

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