Tuesday, April 13, 2010

coz life is sooo colourful!

I was doing my assignments when dib knocked my door..'rama we go 2 city..got sumthing 2 buy wif fatin.'
i juz say aha! coz i dont have the mood to talk coz i keep on thinking about the assigments..what the heck.
i locked myself in my room, with files and papers everywhere, shut the evil facebook and sit in front of my acer.i nearly cried coz i didn't have any idea on what to write.
as a result i karaoke-ing in my room n ignore everything that happened around me until 7 pm.
gosh!hungry!so i went 2 the kitchen and found out that there's nothing 2 eat.fuh!bad mood!
i took out frozen fish frm the fridge, chopped d onion n cooked.
n guess wht?! no salt, no sugar, no pepper, no cooking oil n no everything!i felt like screaming!
al said that she left them in beba's house coz they did masak2 before..
so fine!i smiled n say 'it's okay.'
nasiblah there're still salt, sugar n butter left. 
telephone's ringing.
dib called n said she's in shah's house..she said shah will cook for her..(aku kurangkan satu ekor ikan)
n suddenly al oso said she will masak2 wif beba..so dont cook for her. (aku kurangkan lagi satu)
while cooking, fatin knock the door with a cake in her hands..
she ignored me at first..
before she went out she said that she's in ain's house;baking cake.
so i tot may be ain wanted to learn cara2 mmbuat kek from her.
n i felt dissapointed when she oso dont want to eat..(terpksa kurangkan lg sekor ikan).
'everybody dont want to eat..xpa laa..i'll eat myself.'
tgh cooking2..suddenly clare entered my house n said 'kasian..mkn sorg2 ek..'
n it really made me sad..hukhuk..

nite: al teriak from downstairs.she wanted to go out s usual..
hurmmm..home alone again.
felt lonely....sad....miserable..
y everybody wanted to go out...?
i shut the door...pasang earphone n continued karaoke-ing..
9pm-d telephone rang.
dgn mlsnyaa i went downstairs n pick up the phone..
it's aufa n she sounds really worried.
'dib nanges rama..come 2 my house now plz.'
i asked y..but she said dib didnt want to tell anything.
with my pyjamas n a simple tudung...i ran 2 aufa's house(seblah ruma ja pun).
without knocking d door..i mrempuh masok
n tadaaa!
they sang "HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 U...."
n i was like...'haa??!"
no wonder everybody looked so busy...
n no wonder garam gula minyak suma teda..ya ampun..

gucci,playboy, thortons choc are some of my presents..
i was really2 touched!
n honestly that was the very first surprised birthday party since i was born..

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