Wednesday, April 21, 2010

coz i love dancing!

tired but happy...'s a good combination btw..
i juz got back from drama practice..
coz i've been dancing for 2 hours non-stop..gila eh
we just started our practice for the second dance:chinese umbrella dance..
n guess what?
i become the choreographer..
hahaha..can u believe that?
tis person who doesn't know how to dance sharply becomes d choreographer???
but it's fun to teach others how to dance..
coz the feeling is different when we become the learner..
when we teach, we have the confidence to show it
when we learn, we hesitate to move;  afraid of ppl saying 'owh..u sgt kayu.'
tat's the reason why i love to practise alone in my room before practise the moves in front of others.
n tats y i enjoyed drama practice today..
i prefer 2 hours dancing than 2 minutes singing!=)

si suka menari,

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