Thursday, March 25, 2010

a busy-musy week!

oh my! i'm terribly busy this week..have to rush here n my one week clothes 2 b room to be cleaned...haiya! there goes my weekend again!

classes in d morning
assignments in the afternoon
practice drama in the evening
dance practice at night.

go to city for changing pounds to euro in the morning(gonna go paris n rome next week)
drama workshop discussion in the afternoon
perform chinese dance for international nite frm evening till midnight.
sleep soundly at dawn.

Ooo..juz checking 4 a hensem hunk..guess nobody.huhu.jk!

Tutorial with Katy(classroom investigation's (CRI) lec) in d morning
(I was late...coz have 2 complete d file which she wants to look at.)
Have to complete questionnaire's data and send it to Katy before 2 p.m.
(as she wants to use it as an example in her lesson...kembang la jgk sbnrnyaa..huhu)
have to make a draft of drama asenmen before 3 p.m.
gotta meet Lesley (academic support's lec) for a tutorial session wif her in the evening.
make a draft for CRI asenmen at night.

class in the morning till evening.
drama practice at night.
gotta sleep like hell at midnight.

dont forget 2 proof-read boyfie's essay
do the packing 
badminton/jogging in the evening (hopefully!)

room-cleaning/ hoovering
washing clothes
so-called final touch 4 d assignments b4 take-off

Mon-the next mon:
here i come paris n rome!!!!!(there goes my money!)

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