Thursday, March 25, 2010

a busy-musy week!

oh my! i'm terribly busy this week..have to rush here n my one week clothes 2 b room to be cleaned...haiya! there goes my weekend again!

classes in d morning
assignments in the afternoon
practice drama in the evening
dance practice at night.

go to city for changing pounds to euro in the morning(gonna go paris n rome next week)
drama workshop discussion in the afternoon
perform chinese dance for international nite frm evening till midnight.
sleep soundly at dawn.

Ooo..juz checking 4 a hensem hunk..guess nobody.huhu.jk!

Tutorial with Katy(classroom investigation's (CRI) lec) in d morning
(I was late...coz have 2 complete d file which she wants to look at.)
Have to complete questionnaire's data and send it to Katy before 2 p.m.
(as she wants to use it as an example in her lesson...kembang la jgk sbnrnyaa..huhu)
have to make a draft of drama asenmen before 3 p.m.
gotta meet Lesley (academic support's lec) for a tutorial session wif her in the evening.
make a draft for CRI asenmen at night.

class in the morning till evening.
drama practice at night.
gotta sleep like hell at midnight.

dont forget 2 proof-read boyfie's essay
do the packing 
badminton/jogging in the evening (hopefully!)

room-cleaning/ hoovering
washing clothes
so-called final touch 4 d assignments b4 take-off

Mon-the next mon:
here i come paris n rome!!!!!(there goes my money!)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

~rama drama~

yesterday was a blast!that's y i heart drama sooooo muchie!^^
yesterday we had to sit in a group of 5 (3 malays n 2 mat sallehs).i was in the same group with the two minah sallehs who one of them is a maya-karin-look-alike. pompuan 2 cantik gilaa mo mati.her face flawless! her eyes kan..gila eh!..cantik gila..pouty lips...pas 2 baby face...pas 2 she's tall...and seriously i couldnt concentrate when i'm talking to her..coz i just adore her features! everytime she speaks i was like 'i'm sorry.wht did u say just now?' cam budu nie.

so back to the topic: i tot they are just a typical freakin damn bored minah sallehs.but i was totally wrong. at first tue..mmglaa every1 shy2 cat kunun..after david (the lec) told us 2 search for warming-up games in a group, i suggested this 'belalang and belatuk' pnya game..n they was like "what??those r new words! can u spell em for us?whats d meaning?" and thats how it began.  they started to ask some new words. Mula2 2 mmglaa ayt2 sopan like 'slmt pagi''slmt tgh ari''slmt tinggal''diam'. couple of minutes after that, they asked for 'anjing''babi''getek'. then they told this one guy (he's favoured by many ppl coz he's vewy2 sweeeet^^) 'diam anjing' with their british accent. pnya lawak.suma malaysian students tgk kami....mampos laa afte tis (2 blom lagi dia sebut babi tu).then d minah sallehs said 'owh!we can live in malaysia afte tis.' waa..perasan btol oo..hhaha

and now...let me tell u the truth about the english: not all of them (or may b most of them) do not know how to sing their national anthem...they dont even know the lyrics!For God sake! owh.I AM PROUD TO BE MALAYSIAN!

Friday, March 19, 2010

..when life can sometimes bring tears..(it hurts..)

it hurts when i have to smile when i dont want to do so
it hurts when i have to use gentle words when i'm supposed to use harsh words
it hurts when i have to pretend that i'm okay with it when actually it hurts me a lot..a lot means a looooooot!
it hurts when i should cry but i couldn't and shouldn't
it hurts a lot when i have the right to protess but i couldn't because ati kawan harus d jaga
it hurts a lot when people make fun of me and i have to laugh...and again ati kawan harus d jaga.
it hurts a lot when i have to pretend that their jokes are damn funny when actually tats the worst joke ever!
it hurts a lot when i have to pretend tat s/he is the best person ever when actually s/he is the first person tat i'm trying to avoid for this time being.
it hurts a lot when i want to do my work when my stuff being borrowed by someone else and s/he pretends that the stuff is not tat important.
it hurts a lot when i really need a shoulder to cry on but i couldn't find one.
it hurts a lot when i suddenly realise that i'm not being grateful with wht i have.
it hurts a lot when i couldn't tell my personal problems to my mum
it hurts a lot when i realise tat my sisters are not here with me
it hurts a lot when i suddenly realise that he's too far away...and my besties are not with me.

but it doesn't hurt me when i realise that He's always with me and He knows what i'm crying for.
He knows that to be strong, i have to be tested.
He knows that i can bear those obstacles because He knows me welll..
He knows me more than anyone else..He knows me more than my mum knows me.
I'm glad that He knows me well.